pink flamingos – the mascot for the Charlottesville Women’s four miler

This Saturday marks the half-way point in my 11 week training for the Women’s four miler race.


So far, I’ve had a cortisone injection in my knee to help calm a torn meniscus.  The next week I had an emergency room visit for a severe sprain and contusion to my foot. I’ve had two separate doctors tell me that this training program might not be the right thing for me at this time.  What do they know?

Mr. Wishes cheers me on every step of the way.  He says how proud he is of me and my efforts.  Then he pays my medical bills.  Gotta love a man who stands behind his woman – even when she falls a lot.  Wonder what the next couple of weeks will bring.

Summer is passing by in what seems to be record time.

and yet, I still have Christmas decorations in the yard…

How’s your summer?

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

5 thoughts on “halfway

  1. Maybe it’s a little hopeful wishing on your part girlfriend but we’re not quite half way just yet. 🙂 As of this writing, we have completed four weeks of the eleven week training. But regardless of whether it’s four weeks completed or 5.5 weeks completed, I too am so very proud of you for your determination, your spirit and your passion for this oh so worthy cause. Thank you and I love you with all my heart.


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