just call me a tart – with an award

Ina Garten’s kitchen

kitchen and dining area

I’d love to have this kitchen!

I find Ina’s style inspirational.  Some time ago, I saw her bake on her TV show  a French Apple Tart.  Baking is not one of my strong points, so when I saw how easy and simple this recipe would be, I was all over it.

I didn’t have most of the ingredients that her recipe called for so – I winged it.

Recipe calls for 4 Granny Smith apples – well we have a golden delish tree, full – although not ripe so they are a little tart, so I used them.

I am so embarrassed to show this photo – the apples don’t look so pretty, but I can assure you they taste great.  We do not spray anything on our fruit trees, hence the spots.

apples and brandy

Recipe calls for Calvados – well our local ABC store didn’t have any. Being the sucker that I am when the clerk told me try this (Laird’s) instead, it is local – and since I love to support local, yep I fell for it.  Note to self – use the rest of this stuff in your next batch of red sangria or Gluhwein, the other flavors will overpower.

puff pastry rolled out to fit my baking pan. Topped with  peeled, cored and sliced  apples

sprinkle with 1/2 cup sugar and 4 tbs cold butter, cut in dots  – I also added cinnamon to one end

Bake at 400 for about 45 minutes.

after the tart is finished baking, brush with 1/2 cup warm jam and 2 tbs brandy mixed together

Recipe calls for apricot jelly, which I didn’t have either and substituted peach.

Now that I have confessed to all the things I fell short with this recipe – do I get points for serving it with my home-made vanilla ice cream and vanilla whip cream?

Oh and about the award – which has nothing to do with this recipe, but an honor bestowed upon me by my blogging buddy Anne, up there in Canada of Zen and Genki,  please check out her blog, full of fun facts and great photos.

Anne nominated me for  The Illuminated Blog Award, but I have to politely decline this honor, as I just have too much on my plate at this time – and it isn’t just Apple Tart.  I sure do appreciate the thought though.  So I guess, the title should really read without an award.



Credit to housebeautiful for the lovely photos of Ina’s House

15 thoughts on “just call me a tart – with an award

  1. I have always thought Ina’s home looked so great on TV. In my opinion she is definitely the best food network personality. Everything is simple yet elegant like this tart. Anyway it looked awesome, thanks for sharing!

  2. That kitchen is fabulous! I think I may have to try your improvisation with my pears. We have about a thousand this year.

    There is hope for your garden. We had a horrible few years, but this year we have actually gotten rain. Not as much as we’d like, but its a start. It’s just your turn for an off year.

    • Lisa – pears would be incredibly good on this easy tart. We have them too, will try later, thanks for idea. I know I shouldn’t complain, our weather hasn’t been as bad as yours was last year. Hope those West Nile squitos are staying away from you. xo

  3. I think your apples look amazing BECAUSE of the spots (and in my opinion, anything standing next to a fine bottle of brandy looks even better)…love the house pics (agree, Ina’s style is impeccable!) and your version of dessert looks pretty awesome too. A pleasure of a post to indulge in, thank you.

  4. yum, and i agree about the apples looking better because of the spots! i am really enjoying catching up on your posts, kim! looks like you’ve had a really full summer & fall! xo

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