pink rain

Knowing your own body, your heart and what you have in your soul .

4 am came pretty early.

Sunrise over Foxfield

The crowd starts to gather

The statistics are pretty high that either you personally or someone you know has been touched by breast cancer.  When I set out on this journey at the beginning of summer to train for the Charlottesville women’s 4 miler race, I wanted to honor those that I knew that had come face to face with this horrible disease.

We are all smiles as the rain sets in.

The start of the race

Crossing the finish line arm in arm with my girls.

I cried like a baby this morning when I saw the photos Mr. Wishes took.

From my perspective.

To the starting line.

motivational mile

Over 3500 women in the race, the line goes for as far as you can see.


So many people came out to cheer us on – this was my favorite sign – Run Now – Tequila later!

The girlfriend – Breast Cancer SURVIVOR!

ya gotta love a man standing in the rain wearing a pink wig to cheer us on

Pam our training director cheers us on all the way to the end.

I knew all along this would be both a physical and mental challenge for me.   I had no idea that there would be so many twist and turns over the past several weeks. Truth be told, as recently as a week ago, I did not even think I would be able to participate in the race.  It has been an amazing journey.

So many incredible stories and amazing women – I am grateful to have been a part of this day.

Until next time,



To  The UVA Cancer Center Breast Care Program – Thank you

18 thoughts on “pink rain

  1. *sniff…sniff*
    What wonderful photos Mr. Wishes was able to capture. They depict such an amazing morning (and the 12 weeks of training that led up to it). This adventure that I was able to share with my very best friends was mentally, physically, and at times emotionally challenging indeed. But, with all of the various challenges and set backs, there were by far many more rewards.
    I’m am so very proud of all the wonderful ladies that took part in the Charlottesville Women’s 4-Miler but am especially touched and honored to have shared this experience with my dear friends.

  2. Kim, it was a pleasure seeing you at Paper Ink this past week! I hope you were able to find what you needed! I am so proud of you walking in the four miler! My daughter has walked in it for years because I had breast cancer 22 years ago. I am hoping my knee will be good for next year as I would love to walk in it. I was especially touched by the photos Mr. Wishes took!

  3. What a wonderful venture all you gals shared~~~~~~~~ we have followed with great interest LaDonna’s training with all of you ~~~~~~ it has been so inspiring to learn of the milestones that she, along with all the rest of you, has reached. Look forward to seeing just what this gal’s body will allow her to do for next year and look forward to the shots that Mr. Wishes catches of the progress. We are so proud of her as our middle daughter 🙂 and of the friendships that she has made with all of you. Thank you for being there for her. Mama Kay

  4. Mr. Wishes did a great job! Was nice to have him and Mark at “home base” encouraging and supporting all of their women! Thank you for sharing him with us! It was a wonderful day and I am so glad that I got to spend it with with such a great group of ladies.

    • We are a very lucky group of ladies to have each other. You inspire me in so many ways – and yes, it meant a lot to me to have Mr. Wishes and Mark there supporting all of us – thank you! xo

  5. Beautiful post, love! Interestingly, every time I’ve done our Run for the Cure here (in Toronto), it has also rained. I kind of like it that way too. Love the “Run now, Tequila Later!” shirt too!

  6. tremendously inspiring, what a wonderful community spirit. I can only imagine how incredibly humbling and moving that would have been to take part in. Wonderful effort to honour your loved ones xxx

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