springs on feet hearts in foreign lands sausages in the freezer

While in the studio working the other day I had the door open so as to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Outside, I could see Mr. Bonez was doing the springs on the feet, high jump – all four feet straight up in the air all at once.  If you have cats, you know what I mean.  I went to investigate the source of his hilarious Olympic style sport – a snake.

Mr. Bonez says there is something suspicious in the grass!

It is that time of the year when the snakes start moving from their summer vacation spots in the surrounding woods and think that they would like to over-winter in my studio.  I’ll have none of that, thank you very much.  Time to spread moth balls.

My glass work has seen steady sales this summer, but I am still struggling to have much notice with my mixed media.  Imagine my surprise and thrill when this piece sold a few weeks ago.

Secrets of the Heart – a mixed media collage

It is now making the journey to the home of a gentlemen in far away Israel.   Israel – that is the farthest any of my art has traveled!  How cool is that!

In the kitchen, I’ve been busy grinding chicken and pork for sausage and beef for hamburger.

first –  I cut up the meat into chunks

my grinder is a Kitchen Aid that I have had for over 20 years – I love it!

I put the meat through the grinder twice, to get the consistency I want. This is the first run

after grinding the meat, I add seasoning. This is chicken with apple.

I use natural casings

I soak the casings in water to remove the salt they are packed in. Then the entire length of casing is washed out several times with cold water.

flash back to days of using a condom. Lubricate the stuffer and then gently slide on about 3 feet of the casing with the end tied. This photo shows the casing tied with string, but I prefer to tie off using the casing.

Slowly start feeding the meat through the casing.

This a long run as opposed to the short little links that I also do.

I like having the control over what does and doesn’t go into my food.  Less salt, less fat, no chemicals, no filler, lots of good fresh seasoning.

I have been working on putting up for later gift giving season. Before you know it –  it will be that time of the year again.

Taa-daa!  Home-made sausage

Home-made sausage ready for gift giving – and somehow after saying that it sounds kind of weird.  Who gives sausage as a gift?

Until next time,



14 thoughts on “springs on feet hearts in foreign lands sausages in the freezer

    • Well, I know those aren’t necessarily the best of memories. Somewhere in between the bad, there was a lot of good. You built character and strength that got you through a good life and gives you the perseverance to carry on through these difficult years. I love you. xxoo

  1. Wow! It feels so good when your art is sold and goes to another country. I remember a lady buying my cards and telling me they were being sent to France. All of those sausage pics would really make a great scrapbook page!

    • Eleanor – got to love that new technology! I understand why your cards went so far, they are awesome. I like your scrapbook idea of the photos – I certainly would not have thought of doing that. Thanks for inspiring me. XO

    • Awesome Kimmi!!!!!!!! To Israel, how cool is that???? Especially given the timing (speach by Netanyahoo at the UN) probably spelled his name wrong! I guess this Israeli gentlemen needed a bit peace and love hanging in his home!

      • Claudia – we all need some peace and love, some more than others. Hey, I stuffed a bunch of the peppers that came from your garden with chorizo sausage I made, potato and onions and baked them – awesome! Thanks for the peppers. Hugs and kisses! xxoo

  2. Homemade sausage?!!! Okay it’s confirmed, you are a miracle worker! How’d you get so darn smart? Absolutely in love with the mixed-media piece…wowsa! The fella in Isreal is mighty lucky 🙂

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