artsy chick – you rock

I went away for some soul restoration with my sea-dreaming girlfriends, more about that later.

A gift of incredible magnitude awaited my arrival home.

Meet Cindy Deluz – aka an Artsy Chick – not just artsy, but soulful – rocking strong women of courage and inspiration.  I’ve never met her in person, but our hearts connected across the miles through this amazing internet thingy and her blog.

Is it wrong to say how tickled way down in my feet and hugged in my heart and pumped up in my ego head  – I am to have had her create a special piece of art inspired by this post I wrote recently?

Cindy says she is a late bloomer, that she only found her inner artists after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2007.  She faces this disease with courage and humor and head on full-blown in your face I will not let you bring me down, kind of way.  Her art is cute and charming and inspiring.

Photo Courtesy Cindy Deluz

Perhaps you have seen her work in your local Hallmark Store.  She uses this artful gift to encourage and uplift other people.  She does so with a big beautiful smile and a generous heart.  She writes words that are magic and are very real.

I am honored to be the recipient of this cute rendition of my Frosty Bear.

Frosty Bear by artist Cindy Deluz

Pop in to see Cindy’s web page and all her lovely creations.

Until next time,



Kind words from Cindy

7 thoughts on “artsy chick – you rock

  1. My lovely little leprechaun…how I love thee! Thank you for making my heART burst at the seams…just love when that happens! I’m thinking of you with the warmest thoughts. So glad we’re sharing the planet at the same time, I feel utterly blessed to be in your magical love bubble!
    a fellow artsy chick

  2. I do love the way the internet facilitates the beginning of friendships, for that is how I met You! Cindy’s creations are wonderful – thank you for introducing her to me. Also, I can’t wait to hear all about the time away with your girlfriends! xo

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