one more day

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A few nights ago, I had a dream, that to me was a perfect gift.  Have you ever heard someone say after they have lost a loved one, that they wish that the could have just one more day with that person?

My dream was like that, one more day.  The setting was present day, and my mom and I were talking, real talk, meaningful, in the moment conversation.  She could hear me, she knew who I was and there was an exchange of ideas and information.  We were talking about astrology.

Growing up with a mother that practiced and followed astrology was one of those things that you knew other people thought was strange and weird, but it was normal for me.  My father being of strong scientific – show me the proof – belief, quietly and patiently waited when mom refused to plant flowers because the moon was in the wrong phase or refused to make a purchase because mercury was retrograde.

The other day while visiting with my parents, I took the opportunity to look through mom’s large library of astrology books.  I found some of her old charts written with her beautiful handwriting.

They are  works of art.

I came across a thank you card from someone who she had done a chart for.  Mom was very private about this, I knew that from time to time she helped people outside the family by doing their chart, but she never revealed who they were, or talked about them.

It really made me feel good to see how much someone else appreciated my mother’s gift.

Today, is her day of birth – Happy Birthday mom!

Until next time,



8 thoughts on “one more day

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when our angels come to visit! I truly enjoyed your post this morning. I loved seeing your mama’s handwriting. It’s no surprise she is an amazing spirit…she had you 🙂 Happy Birthday Mom!

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