sew crafty

Flowers are quickly fading from the garden outside #3 Gift Shop Cottage.

I took advantage of the warm temperatures this week to hang Christmas lights on the outside of the gift shop, I’d rather perform this task in warm temps.

Soon the shop will be turned into a magical Christmas Cottage for the seasonal shopping.

But for now, it has been turned into a make shift sewing/craft area. Why – you ask when I have a big studio space.  ‘Cause the studio is full to the brim with various projects in various stages of in-completion and I don’t have room for a fart in there.

I’ve been busy crafting with the sewing machine at the kitchen table and each night I would have to pack everything up and put it away so we could eat.

So I filled a big basket full of various sewing notions and headed out to the gift shop.

The other week while away with The girlfriend and Moon Dance Girl, they helped me score a great big basket full of the coolest neck ties.

Yep, I wanted them for some future crafting project and they managed to broker an awesome deal at a thrift store on my behalf.  I’ll post later when I decide what to do with them.

I also purchased this beautiful fabric, which I am thinking of turning into a table runner for my Thanksgiving spread.

I set up my sewing machine so I would have a view out the door, into the sunshine.   The glass peace sun-catchers hanging in the doorway shimmer and tinkle in the breeze.

I realize that water and sewing don’t mix.  I can’t help myself.  I purchased this vintage Baking Soda bottle while on the same trip.

The beautiful blue in the glass reminds me of being on the water.

Happily crafting these

The back has free hand drawing

Oh and this awesome tree that was purchased on that trip from a store going out of business is the perfect display for my new craftiness.

You should have seen us driving home with not one, but three trees!  Makes me giggle when I think of the scene we caused on Main Street with these trees and trying to load them in the car.

Making myself cozy in my little make shift space.

I have a stack of natural scented sachets, that will be available for purchase soon.  They are filling the space with scents of lavender, eucalyptus and clove

Mr. Bonez believes a little cat hair on my projects is a must.

Lazy Dog

Birds of a feather

I’m distracted by the birds outside the door.

Make that inspired.

I’ve managed to make quite a mess in such a short time

What kind of craftiness have you been up to?

Until next time,



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