pumpkins in trees

One of those projects I saw forever ago, and kept saying one day I would do, finally got done.  Follow along for cute, cute equals happy birds!

You will need a small pumpkin or acorn squash, a couple of wood dowels, twine or wire.

Take a knife and slice off the top of your pumpkin.  Scoop out the flesh and seeds, save for cooking.

Work the dowels through the flesh in opposing directions.  Wrap wire or twine around the dowels creating a hanger.  And hang from a tree branch or shepherds hook.  Fill with bird-seed and enjoy!

Okay – really foot tapping standing around waiting with the camera for a bird to come and land on these.

I made a pumpkin and squash risotto with parmesean cheese with the left-over flesh.

The seeds were baked at 325 for about 30 minutes with a coating of olive oil, some heavenly smoked salt that my sister made and a good dash of cayenne pepper – awesome snack.

I leave you with a few views from my neck of the woods.

a fall arrangement on our porch and while I try to take this photo inside the window I get this

he also happens to be the reason the birds don’t want to land on those cute new feeders

falling leaves

Ornamental grass and a rusty old wheel

A ghostly fog appeared as I snapped this one…

Y’all have a good weekend, I’ll be working on battening down the hatches in the event we get hit with Hurricane Sandy.

Until next time,



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13 thoughts on “pumpkins in trees

  1. Such a clever idea! I will have to try that. The seeds look yummy and the garden looks beautiful.

    I’ll be thinking about you in the next few days. Looks like you’ll be getting lots of rain! Hunker down with all your four legged friends.

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