bad wimpfen

Here is a story with generous shots of Ouzo, hand-made pottery and one fat cat.

I have a craft project made from tote bags I received when I made purchases during trips to Germany.  Here is the story of one of my adventures.

Mr. Wishes, my sister-in-law and I traveled to the little storybook village of Bad Wimpfen.  Bad Wimpfen, Germany which is an historic spa town in the district of Heilbronn in the Baden-Württemberg region of southern Germany. It lies north of the city of Heilbronn, on the river Neckar.

We arrived early afternoon on cold December 22nd.  Our first business at hand was to eat.  However we arrived after all the restaurants had closed for the afternoon. As is the custom in these small villages.  It soon appeared we were going to be out of luck.  Then the owner of this Greek restaurant pictured below, saw us standing outside reading the menu.  He came out and greeted us and in his best broken English, invited us to come in and dine with them in-spite of being closed.

It turned into an afternoon of great food and drink and hospitality like no other.  We had the entire restaurant to ourselves.  The owners quickly made us feel like family and soon we were introduced to Ouzo, compliments of the owner.

We were intrigued by this little tray seen above, that holds four shot glasses and has a little bell on top.  The owner arrived at our table carrying this and ringing the bell, thus indicating it was time for a shot.  The owners sat with us, drank freely and in the end we were gifted this tray and now treasure the memories of that afternoon, which it represents.

Some time later we stumbled out of the restaurant with full bellies and woozie heads.  Turns out when you can’t speak each other’s language you substitute a shot of liqueur, a big smile  and all is well.

Back out into the cold, and just up the hill I spied these awesome pottery sculptures. They were at several street intersections, with names of businesses and shops.   We followed the arrows on them until we made our way to Rita Litterer-Martin’s pottery art studio and gift shop.

we took time to dance around the sculptures

okay you have to remember that was a lot of Ouzo we had…

we know we have arrived at the correct shop when we see the display outside

the window boxes are filled with greenery and inventory.

and the doorway is framed with greens and pottery

Inside every nook and cranny was filled with charming pieces.  We made several purchases and here Mr. Wishes and sister-in-law wishes, leave the shop with those tote bags full.

We come to the town fountain where we see some young boys playing.

They were playing on the iced over fountain as though it were a skating rink.    Now, I know that is dangerous, but hey wouldn’t that have been fun to do as a kid?  The polizei arrive and I thought they would put an end to this, however they did not.

Did you catch that – even the polizei drive Mercedes over there.

Then we have the funny feeling we are being watched.

Sure enough, fat katzen has an eye on us.

We make friends, then the embassador katzen follows us through the entire town

up the street.

She sits with our packages while we stop for a break and photos.

Then she spies a bird at the end of the alley and off she goes leaving us to tour the rest of the village on our own.  Do you see her there at the edge of the steps?

A gingerbread house

brightly decorated windows

beautiful architectural details

It begins to snow, so we head out the gate and towards home.

What a wonderful adventure.  Good food, drinks to warm us, generous kind folks, a little art, a fat cat –  what a great little village.  I hope to go back some day…

The other day, I turned the tote bags into pillows.  I stuffed the handles down into the bag so they still may be used in future if wanted.  A few snaps are sewn into place, a pillow insert and presto a cute way to remember my trips and recycle those bags.

Until next time,



11 thoughts on “bad wimpfen

  1. Oh Kim! I adore this post! I loved traveling with you through this magical village. I love the tiny silver tray with the bell on top (love when someone rings my bell!), I love the whiskered chubby ambassador, I love the birdie sculptures, I love your pillows (love your creative mind!), I love seeing you and your beautiful family, I love the gingerbread house (guess what I’m painting next?!), it was all wonderful! Thanks again for starting my day off on the right foot! Whe-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!

    • Hey artsy girlfriend, thanks for popping in and your enthusiasm! I LOVE the idea of you painting that gingerbread house, and if you want or need other photos, I have plenty to share – just sayin’ I’m thinking that sounds like a great purchase for me to make – xoxok

  2. Kim,
    That was such a lovely tale of your afternoon in the German village, thank you so much for telling it, It felt as if I was almost there too. I spent most of my childhood in Germany (in the Northern part) and your pictures brought back such memories, Christmas in Germany was always magical and special. The pottery shop looks fantastic and what a great idea for reusing the bags, they look great.
    Sarah x

    • Sarah – Oh how I would love to talk about your time living in Germany. Christmas is my favorite decorating time of the year, and really it is hard to beat the displays in Germany. I love my travels there and the memories I cherish. I hope to some day visit again. One of the reasons I was drawn to your blog, other than the title and that I love all things coastal, is that reading your blog and seeing your photos reminds me of my time in Europe. Best, Kim

  3. Oh my, now I’m really home sick!!!! Again!!!!! What a beautiful day, thanks for those memories you brought back home, Love, CLaudia

    • Thank you Eagle Eye – anybody that gives me a compliment on my photos is a-okay by me! The hospitality was amazing and heart warming, it truly was a very special experience. Thanks for commenting – best, Kim

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