connect the dots

This morning before 9 am I heard, or read the word muse three times.  Now really how often do you hear that word?

This printed burlap hangs on my office wall behind my computer

Funny thing over the holiday weekend, I had a discussion with my sister.  I told her I was ready to announce to the world I am done being an artist.   Perhaps it would be better if I said that I am on Sabbatical. My passion is waning.   My sister said I should say my muse is on vacation.  There is that word again.

This morning, I also watched Alicia Keys perform on TV.  I think she was singing to me personally, no really I am pretty sure our eyes locked and she was telling me to listen to the message.   Sure you hear performers sing with voices that come from their heart, that is what compels us to listen.

Something about this performance screamed to me that she was truly completely passionate about her art and the words that she was singing.  I’m not that familiar with her music, so don’t think I am a big fan just gushing.

Curious  after seeing her this morning,  I did a little research and read a review in which the writer said they thought on occasion, she makes her sincerity seem manufactured.  I didn’t come away with that. Her song Brand New Me – gave me a kick in the butt and reminded me that I must be in touch with my creative true.

I’ve been frustrated with my inability to reach people with my craft and receive their support by means of purchasing.  People purchase music/art because it speaks to them on some level. I don’t want to reduce the true of my heart by putting a price tag on it, but realistically I do make things to sell.

I must feel and believe with my heart to create.  I’m looking, listening,waiting and resting. I believe that there is change acomin’ – a brand new me.

I stepped out of my ordinary and purchased some creative prompts,  from Kind over Matter.  Thank you Cindy Deluz – for leading me in this direction.

I have been feeling like I’ve lost my groove – those were the very words that came in my head, so you can only imagine my surprise when I discovered the second part of my creative prompt purchase was titled Finding Your Groove.

It is like the universe is screaming for me to connect the dots.

What do you do to put your soul on the right track?

Until next time,



18 thoughts on “connect the dots

  1. Oh my lovely, sometimes I’m convinced you crawled into my body and wrote “my” words. I hear and feel exactly what you are expressing. More heart-felt thoughts coming soon via e-mail…didn’t want to leave the house without expressing some love and gratitude for your sparkling spirit. Keep soaring high, Kim…you’re headed in the right direction. You are currently passing through a few clouds…clear skies lie ahead.

  2. I say “the muse has left the building” and when she is gone I do not want to create glass nor does anyone want to purchase what I might get made in her absence. I think artists need lots of quiet, down, reflecting time. I “can” produce the chachkas that are a necessary part of making $$$ but the good work only comes when I am rested, in harmony and in balance. I find time outside in my gardens and communing with the critters is of enormous help. Also, chatting with others… and then doing something -any thing – to get the juices flowing again. I look on etsy, pininterest, and other places for inspiration. I do not copy but sometimes I work on a cousin to master a technique, By that time, the muse seems to have heard that I was working solo and she returns with her magick dust to that we can make beautiful things together.
    I also think that the more visible one is, the more likely there are to be some sales..

    hang in there! you are creative and have a sense of fun and whimsy that is often missing.

    • Nancy – thank you for sharing you thoughts. I get what you are saying and I know you feel what I am feeling. Your comment about being visible – is hitting the nail on the head. I am not lacking ideas or creative thoughts, they overwhelm me at times. I am feeling so tired of trying to be out there, trying to be noticed, trying to get people to see my work, trying to get sales. So much energy goes into being visible, I feel I spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and your kind support. xok

  3. Oh Kimmi! Just this morning I was overwhelmed by cleaning up poo and pee from the new puppies I am fostering, I just couldn’t get it all done they way I wanted and got very frustrated. I had thoughts of just quitting to foster, that my life would be so much easier, cleaner, furniture woould be whole and there would be no peed on curtains or beds , etc. etc. But then I watched the puppies playing with each other, being utterly happy in this precise time and moment. If I would have not taken them in, they may have been left in the shelter, and if not adopted, put to sleep. I could not let that happen. I have a job to do, to rescue as much dogs as I can and help other animals as well. And oh well, so much for the clean house, my house is just not a museum, it’s a home! So Kimmi, hang in there and do all those things you do so well, be the artist, because you are! Love!

    • Claudia – thank you for understanding the overwhelming feelings I am experiencing. I’m tired – it feels like I am cleaning pee and poop and not getting the rewards. I love all that you do for those sweet babies. You are a good and kind soul, of which the world needs more of. And BTW I love your home and you! xok

  4. Thank you for sharing your frustration, Kim! I started feeling this way with my blog writing earlier this fall. It felt more like a burden during the weeks that I didn’t really have much to say. Like you, I pondered what these feelings were telling me and what changes I need to make. While I still plan to write when I feel led, I actually feel led to focus on creating more art right now. I have worked with a creative coach/artist here in Richmond who has been wonderful in helping me to push past the blocks that can stuff the passion. If you are interested, I’ll be glad to pass along her contact info., as I know she does work with clients via phone calls and online, as well.

    • Kristin – your choice of words burden – that is what I feel right now. My artistic endeavors are a burden and not the joy they should be. I don’t necessarily feel a disconnect with my creative side, I feel a frustration with the lack of financial support. I feel weighed down with the constant fight to put my work out there in front of people. The idea of working with a creative coach is intriguing, but it also scares the hell out of me, because then I would have to be responsible and face up to my short comings and maybe some ugly truths. Maybe it is a step I need to work towards… Best, Kim

  5. Sometimes, we all need a break. Taking time to step back and reflect. I’m not to the selling part of my journey yet, that will be happening soon. I do know in the past when I’ve felt the way you are expressing, I’ve just taken a break and given myself time to just be. Then when I am ready, I step back and make something for myself that I love. Its all mine and it normally inspires me to be productive. My other approach is to just get out into the world and try to look at the world around me thru different eyes. Look for the beauty in the simple and sometimes you find something unexpected.

    • Lynn – taking a break and just being is exactly what I am doing, but seems I’ve been doing that for a long time. I just now gave myself permission to be okay with this time of transition. Thanks for encouraging me. xok

  6. When I am feeling lost, I love it when circumstances work together to help me take the next step – I hate feeling stuck. It sounds like this is exactly what has happened for you in the last few days! As I was reading your post, I was so happy when I got to the part that said you were really just on sabbatical – not quitting altogether. It is good that if you weren’t “feeling it” that you have stopped to consider and not just ignored your feelings. xo

    • Kathleen – I don’t feel stuck I feel more than stuck – sigh. However, I must say I am feeling much better for putting my words out there and admitting I am in the place that I am right now. xok

  7. I know exactly how you feel! I think the muse ebbs and flows. Right now, mine is ebbing as well. Too many other things seems to be getting in the way right now. Be patient and she will return. Take care of yourself in the meantime by visiting those places and doing those things that fill your soul. 🙂

  8. I can really relate to how you’re feeling. When I feel stuck, I go for a walk and then I clean up my art area(usually very messy). Then I go by myself for a coffee with a sketchbook and have some time alone, just doodling. When all else fails, I go to my friends that I know will listen and give me a lift. It’s hard sometimes isn’t it? You’re a creative person, your muse will come back. 🙂

    • Funny, these are many of the things I do to, and they haven’t worked, that’s how I know I’m in trouble. I’ve never tried the coffee by myself thing though… Thanks for the support!

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