can of karma

This week I had to face rejection.  It hurt.  A lot.  You know the kind of hurt that makes you want to crawl back into bed and hide under the covers.  Then I had to accept some responsibility for that rejection.  That hurt too.

Moving on.

I set-up at a small local church craft bazaar this weekend.  It was a last-minute invite that I accepted.  It was just a sweet little thing.

My set-up

My set-up

I met this young man who was selling his craft of parachute cord that he braids.  He had key chains, and bracelets and covers for lighters and things I wasn’t quite sure what they were.  He had only be doing this for six months, but I felt he was quite accomplished in that short time.  I loved his enthusiasm and I love that people were buying his stuff.  Made me feel really good for him.

The young man with the beard is the one that makes the cords

The young man with the beard is the one that makes the braided cords

My dear friend Moon Dance girl and her step-son came to show their support for me.  I pointed them in the direction of this young man.  Yep, that was a good move. Turns out he has a whole family of crafters.  Here he is with mom and sister, they make jewelry.

the family that crafts together stays together

Too sweet, this little boy watching the young crafter while he braids away.

The Reverend

Playing music

The reverend was accompanied by this woman, they played music for almost the entire event, and they were good.  How comes my church never had a hip, hansom young minister like this?

Lots of jewelry

Lots of jewelry

As always, a zillion women selling jewelry were there.

salem 8

salem 6I had a nice talk with the customer talking to this lady about her jewelry.  Turns out Betsy, is her name, is anxiously awaiting a kiln that is to be given to her.  We talked about working with glass and the many projects that she is excited to try.  Her enthusiasm reminded me of my ebbing feelings.  She asked if perhaps she could call me sometime for some advice.  That felt pretty good.

I made a sale that put me over the top happy.  Not because it was a large sale, but because of the meaning behind it.

laugh out loud

A young woman purchased this piece I made recently, for you her 1-year-old son.  She told me she was starting an ornament collection for him.  She said he laughs all the time and she thought this seemed appropriate.  That story melted my heart.

The Girlfriend came to lend her support and to help me pack-up.  That was sweet and greatly appreciated.

The woman organizing this event Amanda, and Kathleen that put me touch with her, were so kind and quite concerned that I should have a good day with good sales.  That is special, because I can tell you, that in all those big art shows I’ve done, never once did the promoter care if I was having a good day.

Upon my arrival home and talking with Mr. Wishes about the not so good sales I had, and the fact that by this point I was into a full-blown cold and feeling miserable.  He said he thought considering all the icky stuff I had been going through lately, perhaps I was in need of a new can of karma.

I sat down on the sofa to reflect upon this statement.  At first I agreed.  After looking back though and knowing how good it felt for me to see that young man just starting out with his craft and how enthusiastic he was about it and then talking with the older woman, Betsy, the soon to be glass crafter and her excitement.  Those two things made me happy.

A young woman bought my hand-made heart for her young son, just beginning his life – awesome.

My sweet, sweet girlfriends that came to lend their support are a blessing beyond words.

As I sat there pondering the state of my karma, TC our once feral cat that we have been trying to teach to be a lap kitty jumped up in my lap.  A very rare event and oh so special.  I just happened to be holding my camera.

salem 3

Maybe my karma isn’t on empty, I just needed to look a little further down in the can.

Until next time,



12 thoughts on “can of karma

  1. I’m glad the small show made you feel good. It is terrible that the shows aren’t doing as good as they use to, but I guess that is technology. Just keep using your creative mind and do what you do best. There will always be sales somewhere!

  2. My dear, sweet friend. I do believe you’ve looked a little further down in that can. So many blessings and happy moments you mentioned from your recent experience. Keep looking in that can as you never know what might pop out and surpirse you. I’m loving my new ornament on my now compelte tree. I hope you feel better soon!


  3. So sorry things aren’t going well for the moment, but glad that you can see the good things happening around you. I hope things turn a corner for you.
    Sarah x

  4. I am a new reader to your blog and am so glad I got to read this entry right now. It is so easy to feel that things just aren’t going right for us…I’ve had a couple of shows lately where I sold very little, I sold zero on etsy over the Black Friday weekend and recently our vehicle went kaput for good. I start asking “why?” but then remember that “all things work together for good…”, which they truly do. We learn so much during difficult times, or we have opportunities we might not have had otherwise. You have certainly grown by finding more good karma in your can, and bless you for finding it! And, my situation has given the opportunity to right something that I didn’t know was wrong. And we’ll end up with a vehicle we won’t need to keep putting so much money into. So, I try to be thankful for these “adverse” times…not always easy, but something to aspire to. I look forward to reading your blog regularly and to seeing some of your creations. Peace to your heart, Sara

    • Welcome Artsychick Sara – Thanks for popping in and reading and your lovely thoughts. Things do work out, often I don’t understand or forget at the time when I feel troubled, that there is a reason. I gave myself permission to step away from my art for awhile,and that was the biggest blessing I could ever have given myself. I feel so much more peace since doing that this past week. I’ll pop over to your blog when I get more time. Best, xok

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