a sandwich and a side of badass Desi

The other night I cooked a pork roast, and as always there was quite a bit left over.  What to do with it? Make barbecue?  Boring,  I always do that.  I then had a flash back to my first introduction to a Cuban sandwich.

A few years ago while vacationing in Florida, Mr. Wishes and I went into a local Cuban restaurant.  When we entered the establishment, it was one of those awkward moments where we were not sure if we were going to be welcome.  We don’t speak Spanish and at the time of our visit, there weren’t any English-speaking folks in the place.  We went ahead and sat down and placed our order.  This consisted of us basically pointing to the menu, uncertain what we were ordering.    Turns out we had ordered Cuban sandwiches and some other stuff, we never quite figured out.  The food was amazing, and in the end when we left the owner came out of the kitchen and attempted to thank us, and handed us a take out menu, so we must have been welcome.

Prior to that yummy gastro delight, my Cuban experiences were limited.  I grew up watching I Love Lucy and even though I have seen every episode umpteen times, I still laugh uncontrollably at the antics.  Desi Arnaz could work me into a sweat, I’m just sayin’.  Oh and, we used to have a dog named Babalu, admittedly the dog arrived already with that name.   That was one crazy looking dog, but extremely loyal and very protective.  Anyway, back to the sandwich –

Tonight Cuban sandwiches in my house with maybe a hot serving of Desi and Babalu!

File:Cuban mix.jpg

Want to make your own Cuban sandwich – there is some debate about the ingredients whether to add or not add Salami – I’ve never had it with Salami.


Basically it is as follows

Cuban Bread – don’t have that here so I am using Ciabatta

Yellow Mustard

Dill Pickles



Swiss Cheese


Smear the outside of the bread with butter and the inside with mustard, layer, pickles, pork and ham, and cheese.  Place in a hot pan and fry in more butter.

Can’t you just hear Desi singing Babalu!

Until next time,



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