sorry for the incontinence

This is a true story of why you should never trust the auto-correct spell-check thingy.

The story goes like this:  I received an order for one of these:

blue crab

blue crab napkin holder

I had sold all of them and did not have any made.  The Christmas deadline is looming so I quickly went out to the studio and made a new one.  There were several mishaps along the way, but a few days later a new one was made and ready to be shipped.  I carefully prepared the crab for shipping.  Then there was another freak accident and the crab got broken.  Oh no.

Back to the studio to make another one.  While cutting it out, again with a bizarre-o-event.  The belt on the saw jammed and the blade popped off and the glass broke.  That was the last of that blue glass.  I switched to a darker blue glass and made another without further incident.

I wrote an email to the purchaser and explained that there had been a miss-hap and that I had used the last of the light blue glass, there would not be enough time for me to order the glass and get it in, make a new crab and ship it by Christmas.  I explained that I made a new one in a darker blue, if that didn’t suit that I would gladly refund the money, blah blah blah, and I was terribly sorry for the incontinence.  Horror upon horror, as I hit the send button did that last word read INCONTINENCE?  OMG!  This woman is going to think I am completely INCOMPETENT.

Turns out we had a great laugh over it and she likes the new darker blue crab.  The crab is now swimming as fast as he can to her shores.

And that my friends, is my story of getting sucked into a bad auto-correct situation that wasn’t so correct.

I am happy to report I still have control of my bladder.

Until next time,



9 thoughts on “sorry for the incontinence

  1. Your story has me giggling away, I wish I could have seen your face when you realized your error! My dad made a typo like this once but it is too rude to share here! Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  2. It is great that you write about things that go wrong – makes it all seem much more human. I’m just starting my first tentative steps into blogging – and I am sure there will be plenty of things that I’ll be able to write about on the same theme!

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