scorpion on the keyboard

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday what ever you celebrated.

This year my family started a new Christmas tradition.  I was dragging my heart a little at this prospect.  Our family tradition of gathering at my parents house is what I have known all my life, except for a few years when I was younger and we would travel to my grandparents home in Pennsylvania. Those trips were looked upon with great anticipation and the prospect of having snow and getting snowed in with my cousins and the night turning into a big slumber party.

This year the hosting torch was passed to me.  Sure I have a little sadness in my heart for the breaking of that long tradition, but it was a good day with new memories made.

My sisters and I cooked all kinds of wonderful yummy, food and served it buffet style.

the spread

Christmas happens to be my sister’s birthday, a cake and few candles were in order.

blowing out the candles

My other sister, the oldest – is the joker – she made sure the day was full of laughs and surprises.

spotted dick

We all had a good laugh over this!

The surprises have been going on for the past two days, as I have discovered ants in the freezer, roaches on the washing machine and scorpions on the keyboard.


Looks like we have some new family traditions started.

I am starting a new little fun thing here too.  Join along and take part in the poll listed below.

Until next time,



8 thoughts on “scorpion on the keyboard

  1. I have tried commenting before on your latest posts so I am pleased I have managed it with this one.Glad you had a great Christmas creating new memories and I like your sisters sense of humour!
    Sarah x

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