just give me a reason

2012 was not my year.  I had so many personal issues to deal with that negatively impacted all areas of my life, my health, my home, my friends and my creative spirit.  Because of these difficulties, the best gift I have given myself in a very long time was permission to step away from my art.

In a collaborative effort with Mr. Wishes, I received this book for Christmas.

Mixed Media Doll Making: Redefining the Doll with Upcycled Materials

I’ve looked forward to some quiet time alone with the book. Stepping away from my art, for me means not actively trying to sell it. OR make it or think about it.  However, my creative spirit is who I am and so I realize I cannot completely turn it off.  My love has felt broken, but not gone.

Yesterday the mister and I traveled to the big city where a new great big craft store has opened. He wasn’t feeling his best, so after we pulled into the parking lot, he leaned his seat back and told me to go in take my time and enjoy myself. He would take a nap.

Among the many things I purchased was Ice Resin, something I have been wanting to work with for a long time.

When I got back in the car I said how much fun I had in there looking at everything and how inspired it made me feel, how happy I was.  Mr. Wishes slyly smiled and said “I figured you would feel that way.”  I love that he gets me and gets what I need, sometimes before I do.

These lyrics touched my heart today, though they are about a troubled love relationship, they seem very fitting as to how I have been feeling about my creative spirit. I’m a huge fan of P!nk and love this song.  The line ” our love is not broken but bent” feels right to me.

Until next time,



17 thoughts on “just give me a reason

  1. never heard of ice resin. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. I rediscovered sewing over the past year, did little glass for most of 4 months – a record time away for me_ and came back to glass inspired because of the sewing… lots of overlap that will blossom this year… HOORAY for CREATIVITY and for perseverance!

    • Nancy – we are two peas in a pod! I’m teaching myself to sew, just bought my first machine a couple of months ago, and yes, I find all these creative outlets do overlap and inspire in seemingly unrelated ways. Can’t wait to work with the ice and will post my experiences. xok

  2. Here comes the sun! Keep embracing your courageous spirit and trusting your wise heart whispers. Digging deeper often requires letting go of things that no longer work. It perhaps feels like loss right now, however this is just a vaporous disguise. Letting go of unhealthy attachments will allow you to soar to higher elevations. The air is cleaner up there, much better view, and way less turbulence. Keep pushing the envelope, this will ensure for an intricate and fulfilling existence. Keep breathing Kim and continue to trust your impeccable instincts. You’re right on the money sister friend.

    • an artsy chick…my email and often my nickname is artsychicksw (the SW for my initials), so we must be somewhat of kindred spirits to choose the same name. You have given such warm words of wisdom here as well that I wish I could say “let’s go get a cup of coffee and get to know each other” but I imagine you probably live far away. Nice to know that there is another artsychick out there, though. Blessings to you and
      Peace to your heart,

      • Sara – you must check out Cindy Deluz work and her web site her blogs – she is the first artsy chick in my life. You will adore her and everything that she stands for. She is the bravest of brave the kindest of kind of I love her dearly. Glad to have both of you awesome artsy chicks in my life and appreciate your spirits – fly ladies fly! xoxo k

      • Thank you, I did check out Cindy’s blog and galleries and was so happy to find her. She does seem like a lovely person with a wonderful soul. I’m looking forward to getting to know both you and Cindy as time goes on.
        Have you received your necklaces, Kim? I certainly hope so as they were due to arrive a week ago. Hope everything arrived in good shape and that you are pleased with them.
        Peace to your heart

  3. Sad to hear you have had such a rough year…you are a brave soul to keep going each day and do the things you needed to make it to this point. Our creativity can be such a help in examining ourselves, working through issues and simply lifting our heavy souls…but only when we are wanting to create, not when we feel we have to. I’m happy for you that you are feeling that creative spark again and I pray that it heals your soul and starts you on a new journey this coming year. Peace to your heart, Sara

  4. Here’s hoping that 2013 will be a better year for you in spirit, love, health, creativity, etc. I’ve been there and know what you are going through but it will pass and you will have a great 2013! BTW, what city is the new giant craft store in? I would love to know so I might be able to visit! Happy New Year!

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