not ordinary

Blogging allows me to connect with people who I have something in common with as well as those that I have nothing in common, but somehow there is a connection.  It is an amazing, scary, intriguing thing this blogging world.

I declare today thoughtful Thursday and I am taking a moment to spread some kind recognition.

Through blogging, I recently met Sara over at Creative Soul Blog.  I purchased a few items from her shop.  I had so much fun opening these little treasures.  Her packaging was right up my alley and I wanted to savor every minute of her creativity.  This was a good reminder that attention to details elevate the experience to be more than just ordinary.

I hurriedly took some photos to share, please pardon the glare.  Sara had covered her package with recycled pages from old print ephemera and stamped artwork which she protected with clear packing tape.  This is the outside of the envelope.

purple birds - love!

purple birds – love!

vintage photo of women threading a large bobbin - Which Sara hand tinted purple

vintage photo of women threading a large bobbin – Which Sara hand tinted purple, love that purple crowny thing too.

the actual item was packaged like this

creative soul 4

and this

creative soul 3

Sara, thank you for inspiring me to step up the packaging on my own products.  The items inside the packages were just as lovely. Sorry no photos, don’t want to give away presents for others, that have yet to be given.

Some maybe 15 years ago, Mr. Wishes and I traveled on vacay for the first time to New England.  Our first stop was a stay in Bar Harbor, Maine – yeah everybody talks about the lobster, which we had and they were great.  But, did you know that the blueberries from there are the most incredible, decadent sweet treat you will ever pop in your mouth?

Why am I going on about blueberries I ate 15 years ago?  They aren’t like the kind we get around here, no they aren’t.  We went into one of those charming little farm market stores in BAA HAABA – you have to say it like the locals do – anyway we splurged on a very expensive pint of local blueberries. We were going to take them back to the house we were renting and make pancakes. In the car on the way home, we each were going to try just one or two.  We ended up eating the whole basket before we made it back to the house.  No self-restraint.  None.


For Christmas, some friends gave us a gift basket full of Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry products.  One taste and those vacation memories came flooding back, it was pure bliss!

I’m lingering over lovely packaging and blueberry dreams.  Hope you are experiencing something above the ordinary.

Until next time,



15 thoughts on “not ordinary

  1. So sweet, both! We went to Maine for our honeymoon a billion years ago and plan to go back. We picked wild blueberries off some random hillside. And you’ve inspired me to be a better packager, as well. Have a great day, blogger friend!! xoxo L

  2. Kim, How lovely are you to recognize my blog and packaging! Thank you so very much! I am so pleased that you enjoyed it as you did…I started decorating as a way to pretty-up recycled packaging materials. Then I was inspired to go further with it after seeing some wonderful embellished envelopes from the Letter Writer’s Alliance. And, I’ve begun to have a lot of fun with it, plus I want to offer my customers the best experience I can when they shop with me.
    I love your idea to recognize other artisans and may take a page from you and do something similar on my blog…that is if you don’t mind. Let me know if you do. Peace to your heart, Sara

    • Go for it Sara, I think, we artsy folks should stick together and show our support and appreciation for one another. Your packaging truly made the entire experience a positive one. Best, to you xok

  3. It is always nice to get a fun package in the mail. And, I love Baa Habaa too! I have to go there for the day job from time to time.

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