white lighting

how can anything so plain cause so much pain?

how can anything so plain cause so much pain?

I had planned for my post today, to share just a few words and a lot of photos from my studio and work table.  That was before I started suffering from the afterburner sensation of drinking too much of that blackberry shine yesterday with my girlfriends.  Now it really seems like a good idea to say little and just show.

This week has been full with mixed media jewelry making.

jump rings

I found these old earrings, cleaned them up and now I am ready to turn them into a necklace.


heart and swirl necklace

heart and swirl necklace 2

I got into the whiskey this week too, and turned the bottle tag into a necklace

jack daniels

I made what I call farmhouse style rustic chicken noodle soup.  Lots of chunky vegetables that I roasted in the oven with garlic and onion and olive oil, it really brings out the flavor.

chicken noodle

I could really go for some of the soup now to sooth my stomach.

I also made The Pioneer Women’s biscuits.


They turned out really heavy, so I called them my Elly May Clampbett, biscuits.

Hope y’all had a good week.   Now, I’m going to lay my head down and rest.

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “white lighting

    • Thank you Eleanor for your words of encouragement. My heart really wants to work more with the mixed media right now, and so I crave feedback. Those purple flowers are so sweet, I keep pulling them out and looking at them. I’m waiting for them to tell me what they should be in their new life. xok

    • Kathleen – good eye, you did see radio parts. I am having so much fun creating with them. I found a box of missing items I purchased from you some time ago, it was just like going on a treasure hunt. Amazing what you find when you do a little studio cleaning! xok

  1. Love your necklaces…especially like how you used the watch part as a charm and attached it through a natural loop. The heart pendant is especially lovely, too. Keep up the wonderful work! Peace to your heart

    • Thank you for really looking at these pieces and commenting. The heart pendant is a piece I made about 10 years ago, I have several pieces that I made that I am re-purposing, and I think I like them even better now.xok

  2. The necklaces are looking great! I like your mixed media work. Keep it up! If you were in south Texas, you could have had some menudo to soothe that hangover 🙂

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