baby blue is down expect miracles

The walk out to the studio the last few mornings has been rather chilly to say the least.  I don’t do cold well.  The other morning to my dismay, when I got inside I discovered that my kiln is down and will require Mr. Wishes to operate on it.  Poor baby blue.

I used my macro lens to take a shot of frost on the grass

I used my macro lens to take a shot of frost on the grass

I think there is something weird in the air.  We were woken up in the middle of the night by a ringing phone on Tuesday,only to be hung up on when I answered.  That always scares the crap out of me. There we were both wide awake in that scared pissed state when out goes the power. Neither of us were ever able to get back to sleep and we both felt like zombies all day yesterday. Our internet was out yesterday too.

Strange day.

Last week I sold Bloom and Expect Miracles from my mixed media line, I shipped them to Stafordshire UK, where the new owner is anxiously awaiting them.  I love it when my work travels great distances, I get pleasure knowing that there is a little part of my heart in a foreign land.

bloom 5

Bloom mixed media wall collage


expect miracles 1

Expect miracles mixed media wall collage

I’m often asked where I get the stuff I use in my mixed media work and the answer is that I get it from many sources, including my friend Kathleen of Upcycle and Remix.  Kathleen has a great eye and finds the kind of pieces parts that speak to that part of my brain.

Kathleen always does a lovely job with her packaging.  It such a treat to purchase from her.

kathleen 1

Such attention to detail, she included an old Virginia landmark post card

kathleen 3wm

Lately I’ve been on a radio parts kick.

kathleen 2

I’m not ready to show a completed project just yet.

Hope your week has been good, void of strange happenings.

Until next time,



10 thoughts on “baby blue is down expect miracles

  1. Wow, Kim!

    First of all congratulation on the sale of “Bloom” and “Expect Miracles” – I love the detail and the way that you have mixed so many different upcycled components in a way that communicates these messages.

    Secondly, thank you for your kind words . . . I am so glad that you share my love for hidden treasures and I am honored that you have included some of them in your heartfelt creations.


  2. Kim,
    Love your Expect Miracles piece!
    Hey, if you need more of the radio resistors I have some that I’ve had for years now and not used…I’d be happy to send them to you (no charge or anything) so let me know if you’d like them. They look just like the ones in your photo.
    Peace to your heart,

      • Kim, Really, I will just send them to you. I have a couple of pay-it-forward things like this to pay it forward, so I’d like to do that. i’ll get them sent out to you sometimes this week. I’m so happy you can use them!

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