a different perspective

A different perspective of the sea and me.

I wanted to experience the sand and sea in a different way on our recent vacation.  So I got down on it.  Yep, I bellied up, err rather, I laid belly down,  I got in the zone with my camera and shot away.  My only regret is not having my macro lens on the camera, maybe next time.


Looking down and up-close, instead of out to sea.




a single shell


grasses blowing in the wind

rose petals from a recent beach side wedding

rose petals from a recent beach-side wedding


sparkly magic of a child's sequined shoes

sparkly magic of a child’s sequined shoes


a million fragments


shinny sea froth

I spend a lot of time alone in the studio, and at home and it works for me.  I’m an introvert so I find alone time exactly what I need.  People are always trying to fix this about me.  They say things to me like it isn’t healthy to be alone so much, and you are out of touch because you are alone too much.   In recent years I started to believe them and so I tried to fix me too.

I stepped out of my comfort zone to please other people.


One night while we were on vacation, Mr. Wishes went out to play cards with some of the male neighbors.  Up until this point I had been scheming in my mind to tell the mister at the end of our planned vacation for him to fly back to Virginia and have That Cat and I stay behind for a week alone.

It was the selfish me that wanted more time in the warm weather and more time alone with the camera out on the beach and well just more time away from the day-to-day.

But then, with a different perspective.

I experienced something.  Loneliness, and discomfort.  I’ve never experienced being by myself in our home in Florida, there have always been others there with me.  I love our place there for everything about it that is different from our place in Virginia.  It is exactly what a vacation home is supposed to be – it is relaxing and it is well, just away.

I learned this about myself.

Alone in my everyday surroundings I feel secure and comfortable. I am able to recharge  and allow my creative soul to happily roam.  Alone in unfamiliar territory makes me uncomfortable.

I have become very good at being independent knowing a safety net is in place.

I’ve come to rely on my partner and the status-quo too much.

This my friends is something I want to change for me, not because I was told I need to fix this, or that I should do this, or that I should do that.  I want to improve my confidence.  I want to feel self-assurance, and strength.

Because I believe this will make me be a better artist and a better me.

Until next time,



9 thoughts on “a different perspective

  1. I love your views of the sea – you have inspired me I will have to try this too! I enjoy my own company but don’t often get much of a chance to spend time on my own. I wonder if I had to do it all the time whether I would like it so much.
    Sarah x

  2. A thoughtful post Kim, I think I am a little like you, I’m so happy at home, a little bit introverted, but it does us good to get out of our familiar environment sometimes I think. Your beach photographs are beautiful and I really like your new blog design too.!

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