finding color in grey

It is snowing again here in Virginia.  It feels very cold and grey.

snow plow zooms past

orange snow plow zooms past a grey scene

I’m holding my breath that we don’t lose power as we did in the storm the week before last.  We were five days without power.  For the most part we were pretty comfortable, so I can’t really complain.

I cooked meals on the wood stove, a big roast the first day that fed us for several meals. The thing that made it miserable was not being able to shower.  I passed time catching up on my reading, crafting and taking photos.

One of my craft projects was to upholster our kitchen chairs with a pair of vintage curtains I purchased  about 15 years ago. I liked the fabric at the time I purchased them, but I could never fit them into our decor.  So while I was in the power free zone, I cut the curtains up and used them to upholster my chairs.


freshly upholstered chair

This fabric still doesn’t go with anything in our house, but at least I repurposed it into something useful and the colors are cheerful.

With the power back this past week, I also sewed a new valence for my kitchen window.  I used an old chenille popcorn blanket that had seen better days.


new valance from an old bed spread and a bouquet of daffodils, surely spring is on the way

Another project from a while ago – I replaced my blue light shades with old glass insulators and did some decorative wire wrapping to give them a punch of fun.

A visitor to our home this weekend, just could not grasp why we painted our home such bold colors.  I say this  – on a cold gloomy grey day like today, it makes my heart smile.

happy colors on a grey winter day

happy colors on a grey winter day

I’m off to throw another log on the fire and whip up another project.

Until next time,



11 thoughts on “finding color in grey

  1. Hi Kim,
    We take power so much for granted, 5 days without it seems a long time.I like the projects you managed to do and your bright colours- they do look cheerful!
    Sarah x

  2. Love this! Love your house and your valance and your insulator pendent lights. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photographs and your life!

  3. Love your new light shades! Very creative and they give such a nice feel to the room, I would think. And hats off to you for painting your home exactly the way you want it! I does certainly brighten up a dreary day.
    While we haven’t had snow lately our temperatures are staying around freezing and we have many gray days…yuck! I am so ready for Spring that I can hardly stand it. Spring is my favorite season of all and winter is my, well, least favorite (to put it nicely). I’m always rooting for Spring to come early and appreciate any spring-like days we have. Soon the daffodils will be popping up, the natural dogwood in the woods behind our house (and everywhere around the Lake) will be blooming, then my favorite flower greets us….the lavender or purple iris. They grew under the window of my room when I was a little girl and I have always loved them. Maybe if we hope enough spring will greet us soon! Hang in there…Peace to your heart, Sara

    • Sara thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts. I too dislike winter, I’m grouchy when I’m cold. 🙂 The daffodils are up and blooming here. Still a very long way until anything else is in bloom, although the lilacs are budding now. Warm spring wishes being sent your way.

  4. Your house colour is amazing against the snow! We very rarely get snow in Melbourne but we do get lots of grey in winter so I can understand your craving for colour. 🙂

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