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As of 2013 – this blog has moved to Life at Coral Cottage.

I am Kim Critzer, artist/owner of a fused glass and mixed media art studio. By nature, I am a very private person.  Sharing personal thoughts and feelings on my blog is not easy. I do this to learn about myself, to grow as an artist.  I invite you to join me on this journey.  I live in rural central Virginia with my husband, 9 cats, 2 dogs, 9 koi, and  many gold fish.  My studio is located in an old building behind my home.  My other interests include photography, gardening and cooking and my animals – they are my children.  These are the things that influence my art.  My life long love and interest in any coastal location is such a strong influence on my art.  From the bright juicy colors of a tropical locale to the rhythm of a steel drum and back to a simple country home you will find my ideas, and thoughts expressed in my art work.  Please visit my web pages at 3wishesstudio.com which is my fused glass and my mixed media art that is very different can be seen at Night Bird Creations My photography web page is kcritzer photography

I also have a photo blog and would love to have visitors and your comments.

3 Wishes Studio



9 thoughts on “About Kim and 3 Wishes Studio

  1. Hi, Kim! Hope your open house was a great success. Andrew is very interested in seeing your art and finding out what we might be able to make from the glass fusion pieces he created in his enrichment class last year. They really are beautiful and it would be great to transform them into jewelry or some other usable item. We will come visit you after the holidays when your hubby is recovered from his surgery. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    PS: Andrew says: “I want to make some jewelry of my own!” He really has a wonderful artistic spirit. Sure didn’t get that from me!!

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  3. I have enjoyed visiting your web site – you are an awesome Artist Kim “You Rock” Iam so glad my niece Cindy “An Artsy Chick” mentioned you. My Husband & I are presently in Memphis,TN. for few weeks. I asked for a map to see how far Virginia was from where we are, to visit your charming purple studio – ha ha little more than a day trip.

    God Bless, Joyce

    • Well Hello there Joyce! So nice to meet you. Cindy is truly a blessing and an inspiration to me. Thank you for your kind words about my art. What a cool thing it would have been if we could have met. Maybe another trip another time;) Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read the blog, see my work and say hello. Safe Travels to you! Cheers! Kim

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading The Girl with the Red Socks! Wow! I really am enjoying your blog and seeing your artwork, Kim. Your work, as well as your shop, is exactly what I am drawn to when we make our yearly visits to the Outer Banks/Ocrakoake. I could spend hours admiring the art in these little shops! I live in Virginia, as well, and grew-up in Charlottesville. Perhaps, one day, I will have the chance to see your work in person. Taking part in the art world is relatively new to me, but I am so enjoying the journey!

    • Kristin – what a small world we are in! A fellow Virginian indeed – perhaps our paths will cross…

      The outer banks – any coastal locale is the inspiration behind my colorful little world. I too love to shop in those little shops, and get inspiration and therapy too. Keep following your artful dreams, I look forward to following along. Best, Kim

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