Inside 3 Wishes Studio

My little purple studio is my creative sanctuary.  It is an old building located behind our home.  Sometimes I refer to it as the purple palace – although it is anything but palatial.

I have many dreams of fixing up the inside with a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, ceiling and floor – just to brighten things up a bit.  There has been talk about putting in new doors and windows too.  For now, that is all just a wish away.

It is hard to put into words, or to capture with photos the wonderful vibes this place has.  I can’t take credit, while I fill the space with my creative endeavors, bright colors, plants and flowers that make me smile, this place just has something very special.  I am so honored to be able to be the caregiver to this home, land and my little purple studio.

I share this magical little space with my four-footed babies, they are at every perching spot, acting as my sentries, they protect me, give me unconditional love, and humble me by allowing me to be a part of their very existence.

I welcome you to enjoy a few photos of this special place, and if you are in the area, schedule an appointment for a visit, or join me at one of the public open houses in spring or fall.



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3 thoughts on “Inside 3 Wishes Studio

  1. Hi Kim! I just love your pretty purple studio! How lucky you are to have one separate from your home and yet still in your own back yard. I would love to know what part of VA you are in and more about your studio open house schedule. I will keep looking around! =)

    • Hi Susan
      Thanks for looking around – I am in Fluvanna, between Charlottesville and Richmond.
      I am extremely lucky to have my little purple studio and this wonderful place to call home. I try to honor this every day.
      I am in the planning stages now, for the next open house – for the holidays – Nov. or Dec. or maybe a series of weekends. Not sure at this time, change is in the air.
      Loved your wings, and sure they will sell well for you.

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