Wishing Tree Project

Welcome to the Wishing Tree Project

I welcome all to join me in this project.

The wishing tree project is my idea to join my on-line and physical community in a project.  The idea is to unite people and their wishes with the universe.

The project is strictly for fun and enjoyment of all involved. There is no cost involved or expectations, other than for you and I to receive joy from the idea that our wishes are blowing in the wind.

If you are local and want to participate, you may bring your wish to the studio during a scheduled appointment or during the spring open house on May 5th.


Mail your wish to me at: The Wishing Tree c/o 3 Wishes Studio 953 Venable Road, Palmyra, VA 22963 – USA

Write your wish on paper, fabric, a card something that has special meaning to you. Roll it up and tie it tight enough to fit through the opening of a wine bottle.  If you have a special bottle and or ribbon you want used, send that to me too – otherwise I will use a bottle and ribbon of my choosing.  If you send your bottle, make sure it is corked, so that water can not get into it.

I will tie your wish to the tree and it will be released into the universe to begin the magical journey.

Please, only send positive wishes for you or a loved one.  I will not read your wish, or publish it, I will however post photos as the project progresses.

Hope to see lots of wishes blowing in the wind!



The Wishing Tree Project Map

6 thoughts on “Wishing Tree Project

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    • Hi Susan – wow how fortunate you are to have had that experience, you are the first person I have heard say they have seen one in person. Do you have photos?
      Thanks for popping in. Best, Kim

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